Each of us grew up sipping the bottlings of the big names who made the history of the independent bottlers. This experience was a great incentive to commit ourselves to our selections as much as possible, always aiming for a goal: excellence.



We are not here to teach you how whisky is produced or where it comes from. There are tons of websites talking about it, and if you're reading this page, we are pretty sure you don't need these explainations. So we prefer to tell you about our strong passion for whisky.

Strong enough to convince us to dedicate all our energies to this project, reaching a goal that goes beyond the business. Choosing a cask is an opportunity, a privilege, and a great responsibility at the same time because, like the other independents, when we sign our bottling we want to be sure to offer the best product to the customer.

There is no greater satisfaction than seeing our bottles empty. We can guarantee you that our passion and our commitments will be inexhaustible because we only want to select the casks that make each bottling a unique experience.